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pit furnace make VEI - type SCO_EB

Category: pit furnaces (new)


type SCO_EB


Electrical heated pit furnace, type SCO_EB, with fan circulation. 

Our products of the line SCO_EB are a perfect solution for the tempering of parts.

The heating of the furnace is electrical and consists of alloyed heating elements, which are high temperature resistant. This execution of the furnace guarantees a long life usage of the plant.

Based on the insulation, mostly low-loss, that is conform to the costumer's needings, an economical and ecological highly efficently operating plant is guaranteed. Besides, because of the homogenity of the furnaces (Delta ±5 K) the heating is based on 1 heating zone.

In the photos you can find a construction schema of a type SCO_EB and a couple of exemplary photos of a furnace, type SCO_EB 84_100





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