industrial furnaces and industrial plants of all kinds

VEI is established on the market for second-hand industrial plants.

Operating in the field of heat treatment, VEI can review succesful correspondences with companies like


Daimler, VW, Opel, Thyssen Krupp and many more


Furthermore, we are also a consultant for industrial plants of the iron, steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals. We have got also great experiences in the field of ceramics, foundries, steel works and steel mills.

Even in the consultant of complete hardening shops VEI is one of the leading companies world wide.

In times of globalization, it is profitable to establish international contacs in many countries. VEI has gained a lot of experiences in international. trade


modernization, backfitting and reparation


Particularly in times, where economical recessions or stagnations appear more fluently, you should wonder, whether your company works efficiently enough.

VEI can aid you and reveal possible problems in order to find solutions in cooperation with you. 

Our employees combine experiences in different fields like electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or machine engineering.

That know-how will help you and your company to obtain economical sustainability and to be more independent from economical stagnations.


Besides, we offer service contracts to supply your maintenance staff.


assembly and dismantling


The dismantling and the assembling of furnaces or even complete hardening plants, foundries etc. is part of our business for many years. Our experienced and competent employees give us the opportunity to complete your request.


You, as the costumer, have always the certainty that any of your order will be executed with the same know-how and accuracy.



commissiong and disposal

Based on our long experiences at the installation and commissioning of industrial furnaces, our highly motivated and qualified employees can guarantee a quick and  satisfying installation.


Even on weekends, holidays or in shift work.


Due to our correspondences with several companies in different working fields, we can offer you the commissioning of all kinds of industrial furnaces.



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